Free Video Chat Rooms - Live Streaming Cam Chat Online

This page of CoolStreamz allows you to join free live streaming webcam chat rooms and view unlimited video feeds. You can chat in the group area or switch to private 1 on 1 video calls, the choice is yours! One of the cool features of this app is that you can broadcast your own cam while at the same time viewing multiple other people's video streams. This allows you to potentially have to pretty fun group conversations as you meet new friends. The community here is really friendly and welcoming to strangers, so you won't be a stranger for long if you put in a little effort to get to know everyone. One thing to note though, is that we are very strict about users needing to keep their clothes on in the no nudity room. If you violate that rule you might get banned, so just don't do it! Something else to be aware of is that if you try to talk to too many people at once and you leave all the audio on the noise can get pretty outrageous, especially if some people aren't using headphones and the sound gets into a never-ending echo loop. This can hurt your ears if you aren't careful, so I would suggest not listening to all the cams you're viewing at once, at least not until you've tested them one at a time.

This software has a lot of cool features beyond the ability to video chat. One such feature is the super cool credit system. This system allows you to gain credits for free by simply staying logged into the chat room. However, you will probably want to make sure you register for a free account so that you can save your credits and not lose them when you leave the website. At any rate, the credits can then be used in various ways. One such way is you can use them to buy gifts and send them to that special someone you're hitting on, or just send them to regular friends. Your motivation for sending them doesn't really matter, the point is that you have the option to do it! The credits can also be used to upgrade your member status. What this will do for you is make your username font bold, give it a new color, and move you up the list of people online. In other words, you get more attention, and also get to feel super cool, hurray!

There are also even more features but I think I'll just let you discover those on your own. I'd like to instead discuss the other chatting options you have here on our awesome site! You see, we actually have 3 total choices for you here to satisfy every potential chat room desire you might have. The other two are similar to Chatroulette and Omegle, as in random video and text stranger chat apps. Both of them work super well, and have plenty of users online. So, if you feel like switching to that other random one on one connection format, you can do it right here on the same website. Pretty sweet huh? We wanted to make sure we had it all in one place folks, and that's exactly what we did. Well, I think that about covers it, so if you're still reading this stop already and go meet some new people!